BYW Dollars

The BYW Dollars program is intended to promote school punctuality and attendance. When students arrive at school on time, by 8:40 AM, they will receive one BYW dollar. They will also receive one dollar for every class they get to before the late bell rings. Students can receive a total of 7 BYW dollars per day. 

Students can accumulate BYW dollars and use them to purchase items in our school store. Some items include water bottles, fidget toys, hoodies, and much more!

This program is in alignment with our school’s core values: S.T.R.I.D.E.


      • Engage in meaningful activities and events.


      • Help your classmates/friends make it to class on time.


      • Arrive to class before the second bell rings.


      • Be prepared for all of your classes.


      • Create an environment where everyone feels included. 


      • Arrive at school and class on time.